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Coulson Quality Drips

Coulson engineered and manufactured drips help remove entrained moisture and particles from your natural gas stream to keep your gas clean and dry. Constructed using high quality components, our drips contain materials such as forged steel fittings, Viton® seals and stainless steel floats. New for 2013, our drips will be supplied with a relief valve port as a standard feature. From standard “manual” drips to custom built positive shut-off systems, we stand ready to deliver what you need.

Standard "Manual" Drips

Manual drips contain no shut-off system and must be periodically drained by the operator. Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent fluids from overflowing and passing downstream through the pipeline.

Positive Shut-Off “PSO” Drips

Positive shut-off drips contain a float style shut-off mechanism that will “positively” shut off the gas stream as the vessel fills with fluid. Standard PSO drips must also be periodically drained by the operator. Upon request, PSO drips can be configured with an automatic dump system to provide for long term unattended operation.

We Do That!

We regularly manufacture both standard and PSO drips in common oilfield sizes. Should you have a custom application, we will gladly build it to your specifications. From threaded, flanged, or weld connections, to finish coating in any color, we do that!

Positive Shut-Off Drip


PSO Drip w/Automatic Dump


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