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About Us

Coulson Compression and Measurement Co., Ltd. manufactures and assembles quality equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry. We pride ourselves in being the “Problem Solvers” of the industry and welcome any custom or specialty projects that our customers may need. Our engineering staff stands ready to assist our customers with their needs relating to production, compression, or flow measurement. It is our intent to provide our customers with the best quality equipment and service available in the industry at a fair and reasonable price. A piece of Coulson quality equipment should reward the customer with years of trouble free service.


We perform nearly all of our fabrication in house, from designing and welding our own compressor bases to constructing our own pressure vessels. Whether sold as a stand-alone vessel (such as drips), or incorporated into a compression unit, we maintain control over the entire design, development and manufacturing process. This not only allows us to control the production schedule, but gives us the ability and experience to service the ENTIRE package, not just certain components.


We operate our own fleet of trucks in addition to relying on small package delivery and common motor freight carriers to assist us in getting our product to market in the most timely and efficient manner. This also helps our customers save money, as we can generally offer a pick up and delivery service for parts or service jobs such as engine or compressor rebuilds.

Rotary Screw Compression Unit - Ready For Delivery via Our Truck

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