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Compressor Repair and Overhaul

Coulson Compression offers expert compressor repair, from simple component replacement to major overhaul of an entire compressor unit. In-house, or in the field, Coulson is your source for timely service.

Compressor Repair

When it comes to compressor repairs, you need a company that can quickly diagnose the issue and respond in a timely manner, all within your budget. Coulson Compression is that company. With decades of experience in the compressor business, well-trained mechanics, and many replacement parts stocked right on our service trucks, we can quickly respond to your issue and keep you running.

Compressor Unit Overhaul

There are times when a quick repair is just not enough. We can completely overhaul your compressor unit, to your specifications, and get you producing again with minimal downtime. All work is done in-house to insure a quality overhaul and timely return to service. With a complete engine machine shop, metal fabrication and welding shop, and both conventional and CNC machining capabilities on premises, we can control the entire overhaul process to better serve your needs. Our personnel have well over 100 years of combined experience in the field of engine and compressor repair and overhaul.

We Do That!

Serving the Oil and Gas industry since 1978 with quality products and service, Coulson Compression is dedicated to providing the best service at a reasonable price. From small reciprocating compressors to large rotary units, and from basic field repairs to complete compressor unit overhaul, we do that!

Transformed from this ...

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Transformed from this ...

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